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A simple step to help you become an H5 creative and productive person

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Creativity has never been fabricated, you can always smell like you once knew.

In fashion circles, fashion trends are a process of constant reincarnation.

Skirts and trousers have always been worn separately, but this spring and summer, layered skirts have become a new trend.

In fact, as early as the 1960s and 1970s, Dress over Pants has been popular, and major fashion magazines have published this fashionable dressing method.

The same is true of the H5 marketing community, where ideas are constantly being reused and forms are constantly being updated.

The controversial "Hidden Blank" H5 not long ago, the long comics touched the hearts of many advertisers. As everyone knows, many original paintings of H5 come from a French app "Phallaina", a digital comic book that has been well received by the international industry.

In March, Netease produced the magic H5 game "Misty World". Many people in the circle of friends shouted surprise and fun. But few people know that this H5 gameplay is exactly the same as an APP game "Steppy Pants".

At the end of last year, NetEase had two H5 brush screens at the same time, one is "2016 Entertainment Circle Painting Biography", the form of picture-in-picture makes people shine. However, it was later discovered that this form first came from the text-free picture book "Zoom" (1995) by writer Istvan Banyai.

The other screen-level H5 is "I guess, your 2016 is here". Long press to change words to come to different interactive scenes, which is very interesting. However, insiders have recognized some shadows of foreign bulls from the H5, such as the music interactive website Cause Recollection.

Even the H5 mini game "Surrounding the Nervous Cat", which has been in fire for 14 years, is not original. The originator is the Flash game "Black Cat Chat Noir" produced by Japanese gamer Taro Ito in 2007, and "Nervous Cat" directly adopted the image of the Japanese comic "All Cats".

There are many similar cases ...

We found that for many H5 pages with a screen level, the source of creativity is Flash games, APPs, and websites.

Previous Flash games moved to native applications, it's hot!
Move to H5 again, it's hot again!

The strange thing is that the origin / inspiration / plagiarism of those games is almost unheeded?

For example, have you heard of Threes, the creative source of 2048?

This is because the times are changing and the carriers of content are also changing.

Combined with the trend of the times, stepping on the user's cute or thunder point can catch the user's heart.

The content carrier of today's blaze is H5, you can use it anytime, you don't need to download, the experience is better!

At the end of November last year, Facebook Messenger launched the H5 game platform Instant Games. You can play classic games like Pac-Man, Airplane, Bingo with your friends.

iH5 also recently launched a more powerful version of iH5 3.0, a new engine, better support for web applications and H5 games, and support code implantation.

It can be predicted that the future development trend of H5 will be heavy marketing, web applications, H5 games.

At the same time, H5's ability to spread is very strong.

Many classic and interesting games exist in the form of flash or app today. If H5 is used as the carrier, the classic may become popular.

Next, I will introduce 6 very interesting and interesting APPs. I have been addicted to games for several weeks and selected dozens of games.

The interaction of these 6 applications is very simple and fun, basically all can be operated with one finger, and the logic is simple. The most important point is that most of them can be developed with the 3.0 version of iH5.

Reading air

This is an EQ test app from Japan that teaches you to "read the air" and reveal subtle interpersonal relationships with simple mini games.

Do you have "sight" and what are you not doing well in your life?

Different from the previous test questions, each question in Reading Air is an interactive comic. In black and white images, the red part is operable. What the player has to do is to use his hands (sometimes don't), and let the characters (sometimes not the characters) in the screen act appropriately. There will be feedback every time you answer 5 questions.

Reading Air became popular in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan in 2013, with more than 3 million downloads, and the second edition was released.

iH5 production points: animation can be created with motion effects, timeline or sequence frames. Test results can be judged by events.

2. Ninja Spinki Challenge
Ninja Spinki Challenges !!

Spinki Ninja Challenge is a new game launched by Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen at the beginning of this year. This game inherits the simple operation and highly abusive hands of Flappy Bird, and can play all relevant cards with one finger.

Contains 6 mini-games, each of which is very simple but magical. Just watching Ninja Spinki walking around can watch a day, it is very addictive.

I found a short video for everyone, how bad is this abuser game:

iH5 production points: The impact effect is mainly using the "physical world", "collision detector", and "object" components. The timeline animation can be used as an obstacle scene.

3. Helicopter
Swing Copters

Swing Copters and Flappy Bird can be said to be twins, the same routine, the same abuser.

Flappy Bird is a pixel bird that can only fly up and down, and Swing Copters are helicopters that can only fly left and right.

You need to click on the left and right screens to correct its flight trajectory to avoid being hit by the sledgehammer in layers of swing.

Key points for iH5 production: The impact effect is to use the "collision" event of the "Physics World" component. The motion trajectory of the helicopter uses the "easing" component, and the swaying sledgehammer can be achieved with timeline animation.

4. Stone cart
Corocco Truck

Stone Cart is a puzzle game with action elements. In the game, the player and the small stone Corocco will try their best to carry a walking dead office worker Norio to work.

The game consists of simple blocks, circles, minecarts, a rocky expression Corocco, and an inflatable doll man Norio.

All you have to do is use the gravity sensing of your phone to manipulate the stones, and use all methods to load people on the minecart and move to the end.

Key points of iH5 production: The use of the "physical world" and "object" components, the quality of the stone must be set larger than the human body, in order to push it.

5. God Avoids

God Avoid is a classic of Japanese funny games, a very interesting puzzle game.

In the game, there are various imminent dangers waiting for players to solve. Everyone needs to find the key props within a limited time to help the protagonist avoid all kinds of strange things.

For example, avoiding toilet paper, avoiding blackboard eraser, avoiding being hit by a ball, avoiding humans and beasts, and so on.

The game is developed in the form of comics, which is divided into six pages. Each level is a level. Although there are only 31 levels, this does not mean that the game is very playable.

On the contrary, these 30 levels can make you play 100 levels. Unlike ordinary room escape, even if you get all the items in this game, you still have to fight your brain to pass the level.

Key points of iH5 production: Use universal "events" to connect transparent buttons, animations and animations. The iH5 3.0 incident adds a lot of judgment logic, and it will be more handy to escape from the room!

6. Exotic fishing
Ridiculous Fishing

Fantastic fishing is a pixel-style casual game with an alternative gameplay. The Flash version in 2010 was all the rage, and the gameplay is just like the English name of the game: Ridiculous.

The game covers 3 ways of playing:

① Putting the line off: Throw the fishhook down and use the phone ’s gravity to tilt the phone to control the dive direction of the fishhook so that the fishhook goes as far as possible to the bottom of the sea and avoid any fish during the period.

② Fishing: Once you encounter a fish, you start to close the rod. At this time, you should try to touch the fish, and the fishes you encounter will hook.

③Fishing: When the fishing hook rises to the surface, all the harvested fish will be scattered into the air gorgeously. Tap the fish in the screen crazy and reward as much as you can.

This game is also a detail control. As the depth of the dive, the color and visibility of the seawater will change. Without upgrading your equipment, you ca n’t go to the deep sea ~

iH5 production points: "Physics World" production collision, "Clone" event can clone a lot of fish, the counter can calculate the fishing score.

These 6 APP games are very interesting, but they are still relatively small. If they can be developed into H5 games with the help of iH5, the spread will be higher.

Note, however, that not all types of native apps are suitable for developing into H5 ads!

The essence of H5 advertising is to use the shortest time and the best ideas to interpret a product or concept.

For example, a development game with a long cycle and complicated operation is not suitable for H5 advertisements.

It is not difficult to make an H5, because iH5 is a powerful platform;
It is very difficult to think of an H5 idea.
When ideas run dry and helpless, find a native app for inspiration!
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