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12 Misunderstandings You Must Avoid in Website Construction

Date: 2015-10-23 10:59:35 Popularity: Tags: Website Construction
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1. One of the misunderstandings, just staying on publishing company image and product information. <br /> Many companies in the construction process of Changde's website , the earliest thought is to post company product, business profile, company promotional activities and other information on the company website. . Such an approach is at best just a number of electronic bulletin boards, and it does not play the interactive function of the Internet. Because traditional industry operators are mostly conservative by nature, most of the suggestions on proactive attacks will look around. Originally, the website should be launched from the perspective of the Internet. In other words, is it possible to provide a path for direct contact and communication between a company and consumers through the Internet, in addition to the existing implementation channels, and provide the company with another opportunity to sell. Therefore, the website required by the traditional industry should be given priority consideration by the executive supervisor. The second perspective is to consider from the perspective of handling. For example, if the company has many business outlets or branches in the province, can the document transmission or capital allocation between various outlets be conducted through the website to improve business performance.

2. Misunderstanding 2: The page is full of images, Java programs, Flash, music, etc. <br /> In terms of speed now, if you add too much FLASH or FLAME to the page, or hang too many images , Will inevitably affect the transmission speed, so for customers who are widely lacking in determination, it is simply because they are unwilling to wait patiently for the download to complete, and choose to jump away halfway. In this way, no one will see the beautiful page! According to our Changde website construction experience, more and more customers choose practical websites and refuse to choose too fancy websites. Because there is really no patience to wait for the download time as long as the SHOCKWAVE program; another clean and concise page is relatively simple to browse, the customer can find the information he wants in a short time without being disturbed by too much visual pollution. Therefore, the company's page does not require too many artists. Because of the beautiful images, customers naturally have a suitable website to download without wasting customers' download time and money.
If you are running your own online business, the main mission of your website is to sell your goods or services. Anything that departs from this basic principle is waste.

If you still don't agree with me, go to any of the top 100 websites first. Take the most famous Yahoo on the Internet, have you seen Java programs, plug-ins on Yahoo's website, or heard music? Need not explain more?

3. Misunderstanding # 3. Do not update it for a long time. <br /> If the material of a website is updated only once a month, who would like to use this website? Of course, the cost of material updates and protection needs, because we are not making a portal or professional website, do not need to update every day; if we can do weekly or bi-weekly updates, and indicate the update time or notice the next time on the website The updated time will help inform customers when they can go to get the latest information. In addition, the so-called "live" of a live website also means that it needs to have an interaction mechanism with customers, such as a mailing list system, message board, or customer service system. Of course, it does not need to have all functions. The positioning of the website must be selected and the appropriate death mechanism must be selected; the comments made by customers must be processed in a timely manner, and customers must not lose their determination on the website!

4. Misunderstanding No. 4 : What do I have to think about? <br /> Many company bosses often say that you see how great the Changde website of my competitor XXX is, what functions are available, and the page is beautiful. Help me quickly Create a more beautiful website to fight with him! Such an idea is really sad. The website is not made to look good, and it certainly is not more beautiful than someone else's website! The real point is what practical functions do you want your website to provide? As long as the website made is satisfied with the original planning concept, it can help the company shorten the time of the operation process or improve the work efficiency. This is a useful website. Especially if your own ideas change again and again, no matter if your website is outsourced or built by the company's IT staff, when you meet such a boss, the chance of this website to succeed will be very small.

5. Misunderstanding # 5: Don't pay attention to collecting response information and make corresponding adjustments according to the response information. <br /> Some people usually ignore the main point of Changde's website construction, that is, the way out of the website is determined by the website visitors. Keeping them happy is usually your first priority. I have had this experience before. In the early stage of the construction of the Changde website, readers often complained that the page was garbled and there was a question about Chinese breaks. Later, after discussion, the page settings were changed, and this question was basically resolved, thereby increasing our traffic. The main point is that if we do not actively seek the reader's response, we may never realize our mistakes.

So be sure to focus on the response of your visitors, because those customers who are going to buy your goods or services are in these visitor centers. As long as you understand their feelings, you can succeed.

6. Misunderstanding 6: Waste precious moments on unhelpful work. <br /> For an Internet market promoter, the most valuable asset is the moment, and sometimes moment is more important than money. And the moment is very limited capital, so you must prioritize. If you don't know what is the main market activity and what is not, then you are wasting precious moments.
Some people make search engines a magic weapon, and some even want to become famous overnight if they rank in the top 10 search engine search results. This is just a myth, don't waste your precious moments there.

One thing you should pay special attention to is try to automate your daily work as much as possible, including fulfilling orders. To succeed online, you also have to spend most of your time advertising and marketing.

7. Misunderstanding 7: Can't handle e-mail efficiently. <br /> E-mail communication between you and customers and potential customers can make you successful and fail. You have a hard time communicating with them alone and impressing them. It is important to seize this opportunity.

Every day, we receive business e-mails from everyone, many of which are written like the work of 10-year-olds: typos, grammatical errors, confusing patterns, and difficult to read ... Everyone makes mistakes, so no one is perfect But this is not an excuse for you to make mistakes. Install a good e-mail software, learn how to use it, and ensure that your text is free of typos and grammatical errors. Don't forget, this is your first impression on others.

8. Misunderstanding # 8. No great user email group has been set up. <br /> This is very important! !! !! If you haven't kept in touch with your customers and potential customers through the email group, you are actually throwing banknotes as waste paper.
People only buy things from people they know and trust, and showing them that you are competent is the best way to make everyone trust you. Protecting an update email group keeps you connected to your audience. You can send site update notifications or new product news through it. You never have to worry that they will forget you because your name or brand is always on top. You can even sell ads. But don't forget the main point: you need to build trust and maintain outstanding user relationships.

9. Myth # 9: Destroy your reputation with inappropriate advertising methods. <br /> Maybe you heard someone say that sending waste mail is a good way to do business online. But this is a huge misunderstanding.
If you have to practice it yourself, don't blame me for not telling you. If you can name one example of earning money through junk mail, I can give you 10 examples of earning more through regular routes. You have absolutely no need to send those annoying junk emails.
Similar to spam emails is the sending of unrelated topics to news discussion groups or BBS. There are so many ways to do online advertising, why do you have to use counter-productive methods? Leaving no doubt about morality, this kind of action is not about business sense.

As an online marketer, your reputation is a major asset. And sending junk mail is the fastest way to destroy it. If you're thinking long-term, don't use junk mail.

10. Misunderstanding 10. Forgetting that promotion is the key to success. <br /> If you do n’t notify others, you wo n’t be able to sell even if your products are the best in the world. Without ads, there are no potential customers, and there is no way to sell without potential customers. This seems to be the most general knowledge, but also the most widespread misunderstanding.

There are only two things you need to do to succeed in your business. First, you have to develop a profitable business model. Nothing is immature unless your goods or services prove to be valuable and your method of sale may profit you. Don't waste time on useless things, temptation is important. Once you have a solid business model, you should focus your efforts on implementation. If you can earn 10 yuan per sale, you only need to find 100,000 customers to make 1 million. Promotion is the blood of business.

11. Misunderstanding 11. Eleventh, you can make a fortune without trying. <br /> This is not limited to the Internet, and its dangers are the same. Whether it is online or offline, making money is simple, but you have to pay labor. A successful business model can't be built overnight, it's how many nights you end up with. If anyone says they need to teach you a way to make money without doing your best, run quickly, the faster the better.
The idea of getting rich quickly is especially popular online. But the fact is that no one can do this. Following the results of this trap just delays true success. Come and bear the reality: there is no free lunch in the world!

I really can't figure out why the idea of getting rich quickly is so widespread on the Internet, but I only know one thing, that is, there is no secret to making money online, as long as you do your best, plus a little tenacity, almost anyone Can succeed.

12. Myth 12: I do n’t understand the true power of the Internet. <br /> The Internet is a communication tool, and it is built for that. You can make the most of it. It's the most convenient and cheapest way to get business information to your target audience.
You can use the power of the Internet to reach a large number of customers worldwide. You can also provide customers with services that are unmatched by traditional methods. You can also use the Internet to gather information, discuss competitors, and connect with others.
The Internet is a treasure trove of information capital, but you must know how to discover it. Learn to use a search engine to find any material you need and your productivity will leap. This one is simple to say and difficult to do. It requires you to continuously learn and explore in practice.
In short, the Internet allows people to communicate more effectively. Doing business is dealing with people, and the Internet is just a great way to communicate with them. Don't hide behind, as long as you get involved, you can feel the pulse of international change.
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