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Seven pieces of advice for SEOER

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变。 If you want to do SEO well, the homepage moment is the most important. The longer you follow a career, we will all find that SEO optimization will change as the moment changes . Many SEOERs were very enthusiastic when they first started the profession, and gradually this mentality will fade. 要的要素有许多。 In fact, there are many main factors in this question . I classify this element into the following points. Are you still mediating for the question of yesterday's baidu update? 在对此疑问百思不得其解呢? Perhaps this question is still inexplicable? 为好。 If some webmasters are still struggling with this homework, then I still advise webmasters to spend this time on SEO homework . After all, Baidu has already given the answer. Baidu is just an engine. No matter what is perfect, there will be a lack of it. 们既然是SEOER就得学会淡定。 So since we are SEOER, we must learn to be calm.

Element one: being disturbed by the outside world

是排行向前,仅仅悲惧一场。 Everyone knows that SEO is a very mysterious operation. As long as you stop the SEO operation for a day or two, the role of ranking will change significantly. Of course, this change is not a ranking forward, just a horror. ,到了第二天没有看到显着的作用,那你接下来第二天,还会去多发300条外链吗? In your homework every day, what you do every day is not the same as what you checked, just like you sent a 200 external link on the first day, but you did n’t see a significant effect on the second day, then you next the second God, will there be 300 extra links? I think this is impossible. 人,在这方面总有些心态不平衡的激动。 As long as it is a person, there is always some unbalanced excitement in this regard.

Element two: power bumps for homework

What is outside disturbance? ,是不是你会挑选停下手头的作业,去回复,去阅览呢? For example, when you are doing SEO optimization, suddenly, when QQ Didi sounds, or some eye-catching news , do you choose to stop the assignment at hand, reply, and read it? Of course it will. 化上了,由于你同学或许兄弟一个电话,跟你说起他们赚了多少,成绩很不错的疑问。 To talk about disturbance, the biggest thing is that your mind is not on SEO optimization . Since your classmates or brothers have a phone call, they will tell you how much they have made and their scores are very good. ,你还会有心思把自个全力投放在SEO上呢? Coupled with the difficulty of SEO optimization , will you still have the heart to focus on SEO? Obviously, it is impossible.

Element Three: Forget some orders in your hand

期届时,被忘的单子没有排行。 Since each webmaster will have multiple stations to optimize SEO together, many SEOERs will forget some orders at the time of sending the external chain. By the end of the contract period, the forgotten orders are not ranked. That has a great impact on the company and on its morale. 算你天天只对每个站发布30条外链也不能忘了单子。 So, under this explanation, no matter what, even if you only publish 30 external links to each station every day , you can't forget the list.

Element four: no motivation through some reasons

Regardless of the owner of the company, or the customer of the company, as a SEOER delay time is already coarse tea. 候,咱们都会这么去说“这个单子是新站嘛,如今得让搜索引擎过滤些时刻,再来进行优化,这么会好做些” Whenever the boss asks about the development of the list , we will say, "This list is a new station. Now we have to let the search engine filter some moments, and then optimize it, so it will be better . " Is such a question established? Of course it is just clouds. Which basic material does SEO have such a statement? 可怕了,亏死他。 So the company owner didn't understand the optimization, it was terrible, and he lost him. 力,由于你这网站是新站嘛,baidu要一段时刻更新的。”看看不明白技能多可怜啊。 Customers asked, that ’s even more so, they all responded to them like this: “Our company is fully committed to this site now . Since your site is a new site, baidu needs to be updated for a while.” Understand how poor the skills are. But what about skills? Not delayed by search engines. What a panic. Maybe that's what humans are.

Element Five: Delay without delay

怕baidu的算法。 The main reason is that some of the main search engines are Baidu. Baidu is afraid of Baidu's algorithm , whether it is a senior SEOER or a novice . Baidu is not easy to do, and many SEO companies are gradually turning into e-commerce companies. baidu优化。 Such questions have led many SEOERs to abandon baidu optimization. So let's not talk about motivation.

Element Six: There is no clear regulation for publishing external links

In many common sense of SEO, the topic of controlling the number of external links published every day is endless. But some webmasters don't do this. Including me. I post 80 links today, and tomorrow I may become 50 possible. 我没有看出来。 Of course, the question about this topic is right or wrong, and I have not seen the effect .

Element 7: The keywords are not up to the end of the SEO job

When the word is ranked, its work volume will definitely be much lighter than the non-ranked amount of work, because only the station needs to be protected every day. 表不用发布外链了哦。 Protection does not mean that there is no need to publish external links. Don't forget that you are not the only one doing SEO. Thousands of webmasters are doing it behind. So be careful .

The above seven elements are purely some revelations I have summarized in my SEO career. Perhaps these seven points are not accurate. 样,我信任只需尽力了,时刻会是一个SEOER成功的源泉。 No matter what the marriage will be like, I trust that I only need to do my best, and that moment will be a source of SEOER success. You can change everything that is impossible at any time. 出。 You have to pay as a SEOER . We are not Tsinghua and Peking University graduates, so we can only do our best and let us work together.

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