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26 Principles and Effects of Doing Websites

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A summary of some of the laws and principles and effects of websites (26 articles), and some of the laws and principles found by humans, also reflect some well-known effects. In fact, it applies to everything.

1.250 Law Rad believes that, behind every customer, there are roughly 250 friends and relatives. If you win the favor of one customer, it means the favor of 250 people; conversely, if you offend one customer, it means offend 250 customers. Among your website visitors, one visitor may bring a group of visitors. Any website has a process of starting and developing. This law is especially important in this process.
2. Daviedo's Law Daviedo believes that if a company always wants to occupy a dominant position in the market, it must be the first to develop a new product and the first to eliminate its own old product. Domestic websites follow the trend too seriously, such as the lattice network, begging network, blog network some time ago, a success, everyone swarmed. But the actual effect is that the first famous is often the most successful, so in the positioning of the website, you must use your own brain, not to pick up the rest of the customers. In the same way, buying data from other people to build a website is very bad.
3. Bucket law Bucket law refers to how much water a bucket can hold, depending entirely on the shortest board. This means that a common problem that any organization may face is that the parts that make up an organization often determine the level of the entire organization. Look at your site, is it the worst speed? The worst artist? Worst publicity? The first thing you have to do is not to improve your strongest, but to improve your weakest.

4. Matthew Effect In the New Testament, there is such a story. Before a king traveled, he gave three servants a piece of silver for each of them and told them: "Go and do business. Come and see me when I come back. "When the king returned, the first servant said," Master, you have given us a piece of silver, and I have made 10. "So the king rewarded him with 10 cities. The second servant reported: "Master, you have given me a piece of silver, and I have made 5 pieces." So the king gave him 5 cities. The third servant reported, "Master, you gave me a piece of silver. I kept it in my handkerchief. I was afraid of losing it and I never took it out." So the king ordered that a piece of silver from the third servant also be Reward the first servant and say, "Everything that is small, even his possessions, will be taken away. If there is more, give it to him so that he can do more good." This is the Matthew effect. In similar websites, the Matthew effect is obvious. A well-known community is easier to attract new customers than a new one. The lesson is that if you can't make your website bigger, then you have to specialize. It's easier to grow bigger after being a specialist.
5. Not worth the law Not worth the law: What is not worth doing, it is not worth doing well. Do n’t overdo seo, if you do n’t want to just do garbage dump. Don't waste time beautifying and re-beautifying the page, optimize and re-optimize the program, and after your website is profitable, these things can be left to the technical staff to complete.
6. The watch theorem The watch theorem means that when a person has a watch, he can know what time it is, but when he has two watches at the same time, he cannot be sure.
For a website, you only need to focus on your specific user group needs. Don't care about the opinions of unrelated people.

7. Peter's Principle Lawrence Peter believes that in various organizations, employees are apt to be promoted to their incompetent status because they are accustomed to promotion and promotion of people who are qualified at a certain level.
Do n’t change the positioning of your website easily. If blog network wants to be a portal, Shanda wants to be entertained, everyone will wait and see.
8. Principle of zero-sum game When you see two players, you can say that they are playing "zero-sum game". Because in most cases, there will always be one win and one loss. If we calculate the winning as 1 point and the losing chess as -1 point, then the sum of these two points is: 1 + (-1) = 0 Don't keep your eyes on your competitive website, don't spend too much time grabbing its visitors. We use this time to find complementary cooperative websites and to find new visitors.
9. Washington cooperation law The Washington cooperation law says: one person perfunctory, two people shirk each other, and three people will never succeed.
If you look in one direction, you do it yourself and you're short of staff. Don't easily find a companion to do a website together, otherwise you will find that the days seem to be passing faster and faster, and things are getting slower and slower.

10. Bonny's law of manpower can dig a hole a minute, but 60 people can't dig a hole in one second. Cooperation is a problem, and how to cooperate is also a problem. You need to have a plan.
11. Bullfrog effect Put a bullfrog in a boiling water pot, and the bullfrog will jump out quickly; but when you put it in cold water, it will not jump out, and then slowly heat up. At first the bullfrog was lazy and would not What action, when the temperature of the water is so high that it can't stand it, think of it, but there is no energy left. If you are soho, pay attention to your finances. Don't wait until you run out of money to think about how to earn, you will find it harder to make money at that time.
12. Mushroom management Mushroom management is a management method used by many organizations to treat fledglings. Beginners are placed in dark corners (departments that are not valued, or errands), and a large amount of dung is poured (unjustified criticism, accusations , Generations), let it live and die (not get the necessary guidance and support).
After all, when you do a website, you have to face such a stage. Search engines ignore you, no friendly links can be found, and visitors do not come. This is honed.

13. If Occam's razor law is unnecessary, do not increase the entity.
Make your site simple, no matter how simple, it is so practical, not fancy. Why is Google's homepage better than Yahoo?
14.Paledo's Law (Paredo is also called the Law of 28)
80% of the results of your work come from 20% of your work; 80% of the work is only 20% of the work.
Always measure what you do and what works best.
15. Horsefly effect When Lincoln was a teenager, he and his brother plowed a cornfield on a farm in their hometown in Kentucky. Lincoln walked the horse and his brother plowed the horse. The horse was lazy, and swelled slowly. But for a while the horses went fast. Lincoln was surprised. When he got to the ground, he found a very large horsefly stinging on the horse, and he knocked it down. Seeing the horsefly being hit, his brother complained, "Oh, why did you kill it? That guy made the horse run!" When you are satisfied, look for your horsefly. Without firefox, there will be no ie7, firefox is one of Microsoft's horsefly. The horsefly is not terrible. The fear is that it will eat your food in one bite, just like ie did to Netscape.

16. The maximum temperature effect is always the hottest day around 2 pm. We always think that the sun is the strongest at this time. In fact, the sun is already westward at this time, and it is no longer the time to supply the maximum heat. The temperature was the highest at this time, but it was due to the previous heat accumulation.
Your website traffic today is driven by what you did a week or more ago.
17. Overrun effect (overflow effect)
The psychological phenomenon of extreme impatience or resistance caused by too many stimuli, too strong and prolonged action is called the "overrun effect". Don't post too many advertisements in other people's forums. Don't put too many ads on your website. Don't induce topics too much in your own forums.
18. Lazy ant effects Biologists have found that most of the ants in the swarm are very hard-working. They are scrambling to find and carry food, while a few ants look away. When food sources are cut off or ants' nests are destroyed, the diligent ants are at a loss. The "lazy ant" "stepped forward" and led its partners to the new food source it had already detected. Don't focus on just one website, even if this website brings you everything now. You need to give yourself some time to find new and viable directions just in case.

19. Long-tail theory Chris Anderson believes that as long as the storage and circulation channels are large enough, the market share occupied by products with low demand or poor sales can be equal to or even more than the market share occupied by small hot products. Big. For search engines, you may not need a hot word to rank first. If there are a thousand unpopular words ranked first, the effect will not only be the same, but it will also be more stable and longer-term.
20. A broken glass on the theory building, if not repaired in time, others may be implied by some hints to break more glass. When managing the forum, if you find the first spam post, delete it quickly. Think about it: why are there so many ×× posts? Control is now much more difficult than initially controlled.
21. "Herding effect", also known as Copy Strategy
A flock (collective) is a very scattered organization. Usually, everyone rushes left and right blindly. If a sheep finds a piece of fertile green grass and eats fresh grass there, the subsequent flocks will rush up and scramble for the grass there. There are better grasses.
Don't follow the trend lightly and maintain your ability to think.

22. Murphy's Law, if something bad is likely to happen, no matter how unlikely it is, it will always happen and cause the greatest possible loss.
Don't cheat unless you are at a dumpster, not for search engines, and not for advertising.
23. The halo effect People have a clear perception of a certain quality or characteristic of a person, and they are relatively impressed and prominent. This strong perception, like a halo in the form of a moon halo, diffuses and spreads around, concealing this person. Recognition of other qualities or characteristics.
Don't easily adore a person or company, a concept, a practice.
24. Butterfly effect A butterfly in the tropical rain forest of the Amazon basin occasionally flaps its wings a few weeks later, which may cause a tornado in Texas, USA.
No matter what you do, the website, or whatever, you should focus on the news. An opportunity or disaster may be there.

25. Albard's theorem Whether a business is successful or not depends entirely on the extent to which the customer's requirements are known. I agree with others' comments: Seeing the needs of others, you will be half successful; meeting the needs of others, you will be all successful. Especially for websites.
26. Smith's principle If you can't defeat them, you join them.
Don't try to be a lonely hero. If the tide cannot stop, at least, you have to think about why.
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