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Five most important places to ignore in English website design

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Launching foreign trade affairs through a company's website may be the lowest cost promotion method. More and more foreign trade companies have chosen Lintong's website design to expand their market share or facilitate their old customers via the Internet. Learn about the latest products and services. However, due to different occupations, unfamiliar with Changde's website construction for foreign trade, Hanshou 's unfamiliar with foreign trade and foreign customers' habits, etc., there are some collective questions in domestic foreign trade websites, which makes the website well advertised It has been on the line for a year and a half, and it has not brought any customers. What is more serious is that old customers have not retained it, so it is inevitable that the weaker guess is: Do foreigners do not like to watch websites when doing business? Hehe, of course, the answer is not fixed. In fact, some misunderstandings and details of copying website design make you and your customers go left and right. You are still in the dark. Here we share with us based on Xie Ke's many years of experience, and I look forward to assisting us. Incomplete and incorrect places are always welcome to criticize and discuss.

The first fatal injury on the list: There are many English spelling or grammatical errors in the translation of foreign trade website texts, making foreign customers feel that your company is unprofessional and loses trust;

Many foreign trade companies spend their energy on sending development emails and advertisements, but ignore the most basic grammar and spelling of the website content. If you feel free to find a domestic foreign trade English website and read it, you will know how many primary mistakes are made. Not as good as coolness. A supplier with inaccurate descriptions of its own company and product descriptions, how can foreign customers be attentive to charge you for orders?

Some foreign trade companies are doing so on their own. In order to save money, the English level is usually normal, and they use translation to change things. The result is not English clarification but English joke. Some foreign trade companies save energy. All the content translated to the website is delivered to Changde website construction company . I feel very energy-saving, indeed save energy, but the results save my own business. Imagine, how can Changde website construction be able to translate professional vocabulary? Usually it ’s just relying on the translation of things to pay for the Buddha. For many hours, you still do n’t know why you are still complaining about how much advertising costs have spent. Is online promotion misleading? Other people's e-commerce development is so good, what must be the martial arts tricks of the 72 changes? But I forgot that I didn't even spell the right word. Therefore, it is necessary for the text part of the foreign trade website to be given full attention, it is necessary to carefully translate it, or to ask professional translators to translate it.

The second fatal injury: Foreign trade websites often cannot be opened in foreign countries, and the speed of opening websites may be as slow as Tai Chi;

This question is usually because customers are greedy for small and cheap, and choose cheap hosting space with no guarantee of quality. Usually the first few days are very stable, and after a month or two, it becomes slower and slower, and then often cannot be opened. It is an impossible mission to want to refund money, and I feel bad if I want to change another space. The loss caused by the invisible side has far exceeded the original one or two hundred dollars saved. Therefore, no matter what money you save, don't save money on server space. As Cao Cao Cao Cao often say the same in our days, the unstable host space usually comes into question when customers demand it. When selecting the hosting space, you can refer to the existing website visits, and you can call a friend from abroad to visit it to see if it is stable and unsettled and the speed is unacceptable. When the number of times you cannot visit a month exceeds three times It's time to think about replacing host space. Foreign trade websites now usually choose overseas hosting space, and the speed of visiting abroad is relatively faster.

In addition, even if the homepage has too many images, especially flash animation, downloading for several seconds or even ten seconds is usually not desirable. If background music is added, it will be even slower. Of course, this requires specific questions and specific analysis. If it is image promotion of the brand, such as perfume, luxury, and clothing design, these websites think about the top elements of visual and auditory roles, and it may be necessary to dedicate a little speed.

The third fatal injury: the interactive functions on the website come and go, such as messages, consultations, foreigners carefully filled out the form, I hope I have n’t heard back from you.

Almost all foreign trade websites will have a program that responds to the message and may be useful, but in many hours, the customer and customer response information brought by the foreign trade website is very small. When the website was just set up, I also loved the daily tour. No customer information, no response after one month, no customer message consultation information after three months and six months, and then gradually became a hobby, watching every day became three days and two ends eventually became the occasional whim. In the end, the site really had customers visiting and leaving messages for consultation, but missed it. Maybe a few days or even a week has passed since we saw it.

Even if the customer sees your reply, the estimation of such efficiency will no longer be determined. After all, all trust is built on the Internet. The solution proposed by Xie Ke is to be able to set the website of a foreign trade company as the default homepage, and check it every day. One is to see if there is a customer response consultation, and the other is to see if the website can be opened. If it is so troublesome It is possible to send customer consultation information such as website messages and orders directly to the mailbox during the design of the Lintong website, instead of handling the website background, and then use foxmail, outlook, and other mail to send and receive mail is very convenient. In fact, even foreign mail does not have to mail Look, that's either a big boss or a career change.

The fourth fatal injury: The website content is too brief. Many foreign trade websites are nothing more than the company profile contact information and product display. It is wrong to use the brief content as a concise design.

Our habit of thinking is to determine the difference between a large website and a small website, except that the layout looks atmospheric, that is, whether the content is rich. Many customers will say at the top of the list, my website is simple, just the company profile, product introduction and contact information, and they hope that they can save a little money. Hundreds of thousands of orders are unknown. Because many foreign customers may not come to your company to discuss matters in person, the website has become their first window to understand your company and affairs. What you think is not necessary now, maybe some customers also expect to see more on the website Determined to place an order. Just like when we buy daily necessities and land purchases in the supermarket, there may be no difference in quality, but Lin Lan's eye-catching planning in the supermarket makes us unconsciously feel that the quality is better than the land distribution, even if the price is a little more expensive.
Moreover, with regard to search engines, the more pages on your site, the richer the content, the more pages you enter, and the higher the chance that your customers will find them. Therefore, the richness of the program must be better than the abbreviation. Even if the content is not particularly local, it is more professional than it is. Especially for some product introduction pages, the more specific you write the parameters, it is usually simple to get some long tail keywords or unpopular keyword search visits. Do not underestimate these visits. Accurate search usually brings excellent visitors. Data calculation It appears that the probability of making these search visits is high.

Fifth fatal injury: The design of Lintong's website does not meet the reading habits of foreign users, making it difficult for foreigners to find the information he wants;

This question is usually not a big question. The first is the order in which product categories and product lists appear. Foreign customers are usually used to arrange them in alphabetical order, and some foreign trade websites are arranged in order of increasing order. , It looks messy. Once, I helped the customer arrange the products in alphabetical order. The customer focused on the 1/2/3 product classification that he first made. Those categories should be put in front. The customer's mind can understand and think of his own advantages. Putting the product at the forefront is actually unnecessary, but it will look irregular. Let's focus on the main product that can be prominent on the homepage, but the product classification is mainly based on the retrieval function. Just like our library, the clear regularity is the most important.

There is another thing that is simply overlooked. Let ’s look at some foreign websites. They all pay attention to privacy maintenance and will have privacy and other related statements. However, domestic Changde website construction rarely has such a habit. Clients do n’t say that designers do n’t do it. Even if I help clients do such a show, what will customers say?
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